April In Iran . . . By Popular Demand

21 – 27 April 2002

1 – 8 April 2006 

Iran is just too big to cover in one trip, even if that trip was 80 days instead of eight.  However, the concentration of art and history in Isfahan and Shiraz (with a side trip to Persepolis) made the cities ideal destinations in 2002 and the most requested destinations in the years that followed.

In Isfahan, the groups really explored the city – by day and by night.  Out in the cold, bright sunshine, they visited the Chehelsotoun Palace, the Armenian Vank Cathedral, Imam Square, Minar Jonban, Jame mosque and, of course, a carpet workshop and the bazaar.  In the evening, the group visited Khaju and Si-O-Se pol bridges and enjoyed mingling with the locals out for a stroll.

The drive to Shiraz was full of stops that broke up the long ride. Palaces, the tomb of Cyrus the Great and a caravanserai were included on that list.

In Shiraz, gardens beckoned, as did several museums and mosques exquisite in their architecture and ornamentation.  The Hafiz and Sadi tomes and Eram gardens were among the most talked about sites in Shiraz. A day trip to Persepolis added to the adventure and beauty of the trip as the remains of this ancient city captured the imagination of everyone.