Saying Thank You 

DAI Annual Cultural Evenings

Annual-Cultural-Evenings-Home-Page-picVirtually every organisation in the world is reliant on friends – for advice and direction; for support and reassurance; most important, to give the organization a community to serve.  The Friends of the Dar al-Athar al-Islamiyyah do all that and more for the DAI.

Over the years, input from the Friends has ensured that the DAI maintains its relevance. The content of the cultural seasons is heavily influenced by feedback from Friends who regularly attend the lectures and concerts.  They tells what they want to learn more about and we do our best to accommodate their requests.  Feedback from Friends helps us identify new activities that would benefit the DAI.  The book club, for example, is a direct result of a post-lecture conversation.

Each cultural season, one night is set aside to say thank you to our Friends.  Their ongoing support is greatly appreciated and the Annual Cultural Evening is our way of making sure that everyone knows just how important they are to the organisation.