Building a library is an ongoing process for everyone and the Dar al Athar al Islamiyyah (DAI) is no exception.  At present the DAI has a research library containing many books on history and the history of art and specialising in the arts of the Islamic world. There is also a collection of rare and old books, many hand stitched with leather bindings. As these books are very fragile and some are damaged there is an ongoing programme to digitise these manuscripts which will make them available to all interested scholars and students.

Both libraries are located within the Amricani Cultural Centre (ACC) in Kuwait City.  The research library is open to all, by appointment during normal working hours. Books may be made available to scholars by appointment, but we ask that a written request is made by email to detailing the purpose of the research and/or the reason for the request. All rare books must be read on site, under staff supervision and only one book may be utilised at a time.

Check back here in the future for more news on the digitisation of the rare books.