DAI publications, from quarterly newsletter Bareed ad-Dar to collection-based books like Glass from Islamic Lands by Dr. Stefano Carboni, allow the organisation to share information beyond the confines of an event.

The publications also provide a history of the organisation.  That history, in turn, is part of the history of the State of Kuwait, the region and the Islamic world.  As such, DAI publications are an important part of libraries in the region and abroad that have a special interest in the Islamic world.

Finally, the publications serve as mementos for the audience that participated in DAI events.  Whether it’s attending a lecture at the al-Maidan Cultural Centre and then re-reading it in Hadeeth ad-Dar, a compendium of cultural season lectures, or exploring Treasury of the World at the Amricani Cultural Centre and going through the exhibition’s catalogue to relive a wonderful day, DAI publications remind participants of their experiences with the Dar al-Athar al-Islamiyyah.

For all three audiences, DAI publications preserve what should never perish. They provide a record of missed activities, historical information, and memories.

Bareed-Al-Dar-720x720 Hadeeth-38-Cover-516x360 Publication.IAP.Sharjah.2009 PreIslamic Carpets
Bareed ad Dar: A quarterly
newsletter highlighting the
DAI events,
workshops and exhibitions
Hadeeth ad Dar: A journal that
documents each cultural
seasons lectures in full,
available in English and Arabic
Exhibition Catalogues:
More here soon
al Sabah Publications:
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