Family-Day.001The last Saturday of every month, the Amricani focuses on families.  Docents are available to take families with pre-school and elementary age children through the exhibitions, bringing a child-friendly slant to their presentation.  From noon to 6 PM a corner of the Baha is set aside for family workshops, where children and their parents will work together on age appropriate projects related to some aspect of the art and culture of the region.

Upon arrival, families are encouraged to check with the Family Day team and plan their visit accordingly.  Sometimes the activities will be executed according to a schedule; other times – with suitable activities, there will be no set schedule.

With the start of Cultural Season 22 in October 2016, children will be given an age-appropriate activity book (which will be available to children any time they visit – not just on Family Day).  The activities in the book will include both fact-based questions and opportunities to be creative.

Also in Cultural Season 22, parents will be given a specially prepared visit book.  This book includes background information on the history of the Amricani buildings, different aspects of the exhibitions and a series of open-ended questions that they can ask their children. Because there are no right or wrong answers, these questions are designed to stimulate discussion and make the children (and the parents) think.

Family Day at Amricani Season 22 Schedule to be announced soon.