visiting-classroom-1024x360Successful museum programmes are informal, diverse and promote self-directed learning.  They provide opportunities for decision making and experiences that are memorable.

With all this in mind, DAI Classroom programmes were developed.  There are options for children in three groups (early primary, late primary, and secondary).  By recognising the different needs and abilities of the groups, the programmes are tailored to give each group the opportunity for gently guided exploration.

Worksheets, in Arabic and English, have been created for each age group and tour.  The worksheets include fact based questions and opportunities for students to be creative.  In most cases, they will be given the worksheets at the beginning of the visit so they know what they need to know and can plan accordingly.

Up to three sessions a day are offered Tuesdays – Thursdays.   Within reason, session times are flexible, to best accommodate the schedule of each school. Visits must be scheduled in advance and sessions will be booked on a first come: first served basis.