The al-Sabah Collection On the Road

From the beginning, travelling exhibitions and object loans to other museums were part of the DAI strategy for sharing the arts and culture of the Islamic world.  The depth of the collection – in terms of materials, chronological and dynastic periods, and geographic spread – is more than sufficient serve visitors in Kuwait and hosted exhibitions abroad.

In addition, pieces from The al-Sabah Collection are regularly loaned to museums for inclusion in theme-specific exhibitions.  This allows curators to put together more comprehensive exhibitions, increasing the educational and entertainment value for visitors.

Sheikha Hussa is often asked why they decided to lend their collection to the Kuwait National Museum and she explains that “those works of art are not possessions; they are possessors of something valuable and enduring.  They are the tangible aesthetic manifestations of a culture and a repository of the artistic history of a civilization; they should be shared to give pleasure to a wider public.”

Through travelling exhibitions and loans to museums, DAI is sharing the collection with the widest possible public.