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Amricani Cultural Centre, 21st April, 7pm. Dr Werner Daum – Fellow of the Royal Asiatic Society and and a specialist in the culture of the Yemen will give a lecture on two great scholars of the Middle Ages – al Hamdani and Nashwan al Himyari.

Maidan Closing

Dear Friends, After 19 wonderful years of Cultural Seasons lectures, music, theatre and workshops at the al-Maidan Cultural Centre, it is with some sadness that we announce its closing. As we did with the Abdullah al-Salem School in 1994, our new location will involve turning a standard grade-school into another of Kuwait’s most technologically sophisticated theatres. Qanoon Night on April 16th will be the last event at al-Maidan. All other events remaining in the 19th CS will be hosted at the Amricani Cultural Centre.
لى أصدقاء الدار الأعزاء! بعد تسعة عشر عاماً رائعة قضيناها في “مركز الميدان الثقافي”, نقدم فيه المحاضرات و الأمسيات الموسيقية, والعروض المسرحية, والورش الفنية, يؤسفنا إبلاغكم بأنه قد تقرر إغلاق هذا “المركز” نهائيا. وكما حدث في العام 1994م, حينما قمنا بتحويل “مدرسة عبدالله السالم الثانوية” الى مركز إشعاع ثقافي, فإننا نكرر المشروع ذاته اليوم, إذ نقوم – حالياً- بتحويل مدرسة أخرى (سنوافيكم بها لاحقا) إلى مسرح من أكثر مسارح الكويت تقدماً في تطبيق التقنيات الحديثة للندوات والمحاضرات. وعليه, ستكون أمسية العزف على القانون لــ “محمد الرويشد” في 16 ابريل 2014م, هي آخر الفعاليات التي سيشهدها “مركز الميدان الثقافي”, اذ سيتولى بعد ذلك “مركز الامريكاني الثقافي” استضافة كافة البرامج المتبقية من الموسم الثقافي التاسع عشر ( الحالي ) . شاكرين تفهمكم وتعاونكم ودعمكم لنا . دار الآثار الإسلامية.

Postponed – Qanoon Night

We regret that this evenings performance has been postponed until next Wednesday due to the unduly passing away of Sheikh Sabah Nasser Saud Al Sabah, one of the leaders of Kuwaiti resistance during the occupation of Kuwait.

Teaching with Art and Museums

15th April 6-7.30pm Amricani Cultural Centre. A presentation from visiting UNDP education expert Dr Sharon Shaffer specifically designed for teachers. Because we all want children to have a positive learning experience when they visit a museum this presentation will focus on what to do during a museum visit, with significant time spent in the galleries.

Chess Pieces in Qatar

The exhibition “Kings and Pawns: Board games from India to Spain” opened last week at the Museum of Islamic Art in Qatar. A number of pieces from the al-Sabah Collection have been loaned to the exhibition including the rock crystal pieces illustrated here which are from the 3rd Century AH (9th Century AD). The exhibition will run until June of 2014.

Junior Docent Program

Members of our Junior Docents recently visited the collection offices to learn first hand of the rigours of working with objects. They were introduced to the basics of curatorial work by our curator Salam Kaoukji and shown around the conservation laboratory by Stefan Strittmatter a UNDP visiting conservator.

CAW at the Grand Mosque

The DAI would like to thank the team at the Grand Mosque for welcoming our Children’s Art Workshop recently. The visit started with a tour around the mosque. Sheikh Tarabulsi, one of Kuwait’s most respected Qur’an reciters, joined us and talked about the different ways to ‘read’ the Qur’an. He also demonstrated the two main techniques for reciting the Qur’an and taught the kids how to properly recited one verse.

Volume 38 of Hadeeth Published

DAI is proud to announce the publication of Volume 38 of Hadeeth ad-Dar. This bi-lingual volume features articles written by the lecturers from the eighteenth cultural season. Click on the link below to view the Hadeeth section of the website and download the latest volumes.

Family Days @ Amricani

Join us for Family Days @ Amricani

19th Cultural Season 2013 – 2014

Join us in the 19th Cultural Season that will include film documentaries and theatre, musical performances and children’s activities and a new schedule of lectures from international scholars starting in September of 2013 through until the end of May 2014.

Visit Our Latest Exhibitions

Visit us at the Amricani Cultural Centre and tour any of our latest exhibitions – Splendors of the Ancient East, Loans for the Kuwait National Museum and Verses from the Holy Qu’ran on Works of Art – FREE of charge.

Google Art Project

Since joining Google Art project in mid 2013 The al-Sabah Collection has had over 47,000 visits with more than 600,000 page views. Click on the button below to visit Google Art Project and have a close look at some of the items from the collection.

The Collections

The al-Sabah Collection is regarded by international authorities as one of a small handful of the most comprehensive collections of Islamic art in the world. It has continued to grow since its inception increasing its strengths in all categories.

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Travelling exhibitions and object loans to museums are part of Dar al-Athar al-Islamiyyah’s strategy for sharing the arts and culture of the Islamic world. To find out more about our current exhibitions programme.

Latest Exhibitions

Cultural Season

The Cultural Season at DAI is an integral part of the organisation’s contribution to the enrichment of the local community. The Annual Cultural Season typically begins end of September and ends in May of every year.

19th Cultural Season