Salat 5th and 6th October 2018

On the 5th of October the workshop will be in English and the 6th it will be in Arabic.

Salat: The Islamic Practice of Being Present to the Divine Presence in the Present Moment

In an age of nihilism, relativism, anxiety, and depression we are most in need of a practice that can lift us out of our deep slumber and forgetfulness (ghafla). We have this practice in Salatbut do not fully understand it yet.

Salatis such an infinitely deep sea of secrets and experiences waiting for the right kind of divers to reveal them. In every aspect of the Salat there is a mystery, wisdom, and hidden therapeutic value.

This is the first and most comprehensive workshop on the Islamic ritual prayer or Salat as a deep and meaningful spiritual practice. 

It is a result of years studying all the Islamic manuals on prayer and practice in addition to contemporary disciplines of psychology, philosophy, psycho-somatic therapy, meditation, and well being.

The workshop is designed in such a way that the Salat is stripped down to its most fundamental components and then reassembled with a deeper understanding of its mysteries for your own practice of Salat. Each component of Salat has lessons and practices for how to be more present at any moment in our lives. These implications and lessons will be drawn out and highlighted in every session. The workshop will also touch on a wide range of topics that most people would never associate with Salat but which Salat, as a psycho-somatic-spiritual cosmic practice, so fundamentally addresses:

  • How we understand our ego (nafs), our lower self (nafs lawwama), and their relation to our higher Self (Nafs Mutma’inna)
  • How to be more present in our bodies, its postures, and how to live in the moment
  • The significance of our breath for our spiritual well-being
  • The relation between our inner world & the outer world around us
  • How to better appreciate nature & the natural elements
  • The relation between our rational faculty and our heart
  • How to harness our capacity to listen and hear beyond just words but the silence itself
  • How to harness our capacity to see beyond the visible
  • How to tread the earth lightly
  • The nature of human creativity, art & imagination and how to harness them properly in the path of God
  • Becoming more compassionate
  • How to relate to other faiths
  • How to be less anxious, depressed, & stressed

Timetable for the day


09.30-10:00    Tea & Coffee on arrival

10.00:11:00    Session 1

11:00-11:15    Break

11:15-12:15    Session 2

12:15-12:30    Break

12:30-13:30    Session 3

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13:30-14:30    Lunch Break

14.30-15:30    Session 4

15:30-15:45    Break

15:45-16:45    Session 5