Hospital to Cultural Hub
Stemming from Dar al-Athar al-Islamiyyah’s ambitious vision for an internationally recognised cultural centre, 2011 marked the transformation of the historic American Mission Hospital building into the Amricani Cultural Centre.

Located strategically on the Gulf Road, next to the National Assembly and in front of the Evangelical Church (once part of the American Mission compound), the Amricani Cultural Centre symbolises Kuwait’s patronage of the arts and culture.

Amricani-720x220Training Centre
The Amricani Cultural Centre serves as a training centre for future local museum managers, curators and conservators. In collaboration with the UNDP, the Amricani will offer programmes designed to develop the museum science skills of individuals interested in working with museums and cultural centres. The courses will introduce the basic elements of the various museum sciences and offer practical training in conservation, curation and management.

Education Centre
With the integral belief that the Amricani has a responsibility toward the community, the Amricani also acts as an education centre. Defined passions for Islamic heritage and art are embedded into the offerings of various programmes. Some of the programmes offered include a children’s programme, guided tours and workshops catering to all age groups.

The centre, formerly the Men’s Hospital (Mylrea Memorial) building, consists of:

The Story of Amricani

An audio-visual presentation on the history of the American Mission Hospital and healthcare in Kuwait; it also features two films and an installation on Kuwait’s funding of healthcare and hospital buildings in underdeveloped countries.

Baha: Theatre/Auditorium

A 200-seat theatre, equipped with the latest audio systems, replaces what was once the courtyard of the Men’s Hospital. The theatre fosters local talent by giving performers, musicians and lecturers a multipurpose stage.


Several exhibition spaces throughout the building to host international and local temporary exhibitions.

Conservation Laboratory 

Mainly serves as a training site for future conservation assistants and DAI employees, the lab is also available for visiting conservators working on objects from The al-Sabah Collection.