• Storytime

    Wednesday 2nd of December its Storytime from 3.30-4pm at the Yarmouk Cultural Centre.
    Yasmine al Saleh will be reading............a surprise!

  • DAI Minis

    For children 18 months-3 years old. Bring a family member with you on Tuesday the 1st of December and Wednesday the 2nd at the Amricani Cultural Centre from 10-11am to read from Dr Seuss. For More information contact the education department

  • Publication

    Hadeeth volume number 39 is now available to view on the website.
    Click here to visit our publications pages and see the entire collection online.

  • Concert

    7pm, Wednesday 2nd December at the Yarmouk Cultural Centre. Join us for an evening of music composed by Sulaiman Aldikan celebrating Dr. Mary Bruins Allison who was an early doctor at the American Mission Hospital.

  • Exhibition

    A new exhibition at the Amricani Cultural Centre
    opens to the public on Monday the 30th of November
    Click here for more information.

  • Yarmouk Cultural Centre

    For more than 30 years, the DAI has been a beacon for culture and education in Kuwait, and now DAI has a new facility, at Yarmouk Cultural Centre. The new centre will be the central hub for DAI’s upcoming Cultural Season 21, which will include a wide selection of cultural and artistic events.

  • Cultural Season 21

    “The DAI promotes the fusion of people, cultures and ideas,” said NCCAL Undersecretary Abdulkareem al-Ghadban. “Our exhibitions do that by bringing together objects created by different people, in different places, from different periods and highlighting their shared humanity. This, our 21st Cultural Season features activities that do the same: through lectures, educational opportunities, cinema, theatrical and musical performances, workshops and special events.”

  • New Cultural Season 21 Children's Art Workshops

    The new Cultural Season 21 schedule of events and workshops for children has just been published. Click on the image to look at all the activities available in this cultural season for you and your children to enjoy.

  • DAI staff Farah Khajah - PR coordinator and, Wafa Alfaraheen - Theatre Manager working on making the Yarmouk Cultural Centre a beautiful place.

  • Long Ago Zoo

    Come and visit the Long Ago Zoo exhibition at the Amricani Cultural Centre. This exhibition was designed for children by children and showcases animals in all different media from various historical periods.First floor of the Amricani Cultural Centre. Opening hours Mon - Thurs 10-7pm and Fridays 2-7pm

  • Amricani Cultural Centre

    Find us on the corner of Arabian Gulf Road and al-Shuhada Street, by the National Assembly Parliament building and across the road from Youm al-Bahaar. Opening hours: Monday – Thursday, Saturday: 10 AM – 7 PM; Friday: 2 PM – 7 PM (Sunday closed for maintenance).

  • Google Art Project

    In the two years since we joined Google Art Project in April of 2013 the al-Sabah Collection has had 44, 930 visitors and over 668, 555 page views with visitors from 164 countries. Click on the slide to view the collection and explore Google Art Project.

  • Cordoba Post2

From Qurtuba to Córdoba

"The word ‘Córdoba’ comes to you, as usual, with a clamour that overwhelms the memory and the senses" Radwa Ashour The city of Cordoba, declared a World ‎Heritage Site in 1994, is known ‎worldwide for its Arab-Islamic [...]

  • My Story.002

My Story at Amricani

Do you or any of your family members, acquaintances or friends happen to have a story with the American Missionary hospital in Kuwait (Mustashfa Lemraicani) during the years from 1914 -1967, the official period of [...]

  • Yarmouk.001

Dar al-Athar al-Islamiyyah at Yarmouk Cultural Centre

The new facility at Yarmouk officially opened on 27 September 2015. For more than 30 years, the Dar al-Athar al-Islamiyyah (DAI) has been a beacon for culture and education in Kuwait, and now DAI have a [...]